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Welcome to Motivationz Fitness Winter Challenge! 

January 9th - February 25th, 2023


This program is designed to give you a strong start on your 2023 goals this Winter season. 

This is 7 Weeks of fitness & accountability!


Together, we will set up healthy habits and progress will be tracked within the accountability group. This is a challenge where the only competition is YOU VS YOU, but of course, we’re going to have fun along the way with consistency challenges and a chance to win a PRIZE at the end. 


This is a guided consistency challenge where you will be provided with weekly motivation, tips for success, how-to’s, mini-challenges, and weekly check-ins. Below will outline the 5 Steps of this challenge and what is included, with options for additional supplements, nutritional support and/or personal training sessions to be added at a discounted rate. Please book a consultation for any additional services. 


What’s Included within the Winter Challenge?

This is a 5 step challenge:

Step 1: Book the assessment - dates can be booked within the schedule 

Step 2: Motivationz Meal Outline - received at the assessment (nutrition consultations additional)

Step 3: Get the Accountability Group - you will be invited into the group on the app

Step 4: Get your movement in - keep up your consistency for the challenge (discounted PT available)

Step 5: Final Assessment + Consistency Challenge Winner - keep it up to the end for a chance to win!


    Jan 9, 2023 - Feb 25, 2023 • 30 Participants

    23 Plans Available

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