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I love everything fitness & nutrition! I fell in love with the gym in high school; it was a space for me to work through my life and mindset. I would bring friends to the gym and show them how to achieve their goals in my 20’s, which led to me becoming a personal trainer in 2009. Before I knew it, I owned my own personal training and boot camp business, coaching my clients through successful weightloss, strengthening, muscle mass, nutrition for results, and more.


In my 14+ years within this industry, I have explored a wide range of one-on-one experiences as a trainer and trainee. Also being a teacher for 8 of those years, I have incorporated those skills into my practice. I love to learn and educate correct form, formulas, and the power of challenging one’s self to new levels. I pride myself in being one among the cutting edge and innovative opportunities within the evolving fitness industry. 


I love to be on the gym floor pushing my personal limits, personal training others to new levels, and running energetic group training classes, which have opened my universe to creating this boutique gym experience for our Motivationz Fitness members to find these opportunities for themselves, both within our Elmvale studio and online.


I continuously tap into three areas of focus: motivation, mindset, and movement. Through integrating these into any goal, one can overcome challenges and improve.

I aim to achieve a unique gym experience for my members to work on themselves at their own personal pace. It’s YOU VS YOU when you’re working on it, no matter your preference of personal training, classes, or open gym, get it!



I have always been incredibly passionate about fitness and the capabilities of the human body. This passion led me to pursuing an undergraduate degree and the University of Guelph with Honours in Biomedical Science and a focus on human kinetics. From there I completed a Masters of Health in Human Health and Nutrition with a focus on human anatomy. Throughout this time I had the opportunity to learn and grow from many individuals specializing in exercise, functional movements and much more.

 During and immediately following my Masters I became a sessional lecturer for Functional Anatomy at the University of Guelph Humber and assisted with the University of Guelph’s advanced anatomy program. When I taught functional anatomy the focus was on educating future healthcare professionals to understand and apply the knowledge of the human body to their practice whether that was physiotherapy, personal training, medical school or any other host of specialties. I taught the importance functional movements and how to get the most out of the human body.

  While my current field of work didn’t follow this direct path, the experience was invaluable and is something I apply in my own workout routines as well as my personal training. I have worked with many personal trainers to learn from their experience and to educate them on enhancing their own routines and knowledge. My passion for fitness pushes me to constantly push to achieve my fitness goals and I want to help you do the same!

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Dr. Atousa Faraz BSc (Hon), ND has been a naturopathic doctor since 2007. Over the years, she has been educating, treating and helping patients with their health struggles and concerns.  

As a naturopathic doctor, she  uses an integrative and an individualized approach to healthcare. She aims to find the root cause for your health issues. Through compassion, by balancing the science of evidence based therapies with holistic care, Dr. Faraz listens to your concerns, makes her assessment and uses natural therapies to try to help your body return to a state of health and balance.​


Dr. Faraz ND has years of experience and expertise in a variety of areas within naturopathic medicine, including but not limited to: 

•Women's health •Gastrointestinal health and concerns •Clinical nutrition and lifestyle counselling •Weight management •Type Two Diabetes support •Fertility/Infertility treatment support •Arthritic joint and muscle pain management •Skin conditions such as acne and eczema •Thyroid health •Chronic stress and chronic fatigue syndrome Treatments and services that are offered to patients by her include: •Naturopathic visits, consultations •Acupuncture, electro acupuncture and cupping •Fertility acupuncture •Blood work & laboratory testing 

Yours in good health, Dr. Atousa Faraz BSc(Hon), ND










For my entire life, I've loved to move.  Growing up, I played as many sports as I could, finding my passion in hockey, baseball, and horseback riding.  As I graduated to adult responsibilities, having children and stepchildren, I watched my calendar fill up with their activities, leaving little room for me to continue my out-of-the-home sports.


Enter CrossFit. In 2018, I picked up a love of movement for myself, in my own home, around my own schedule, and haven't stopped.  I'm a teacher by trade, so in 2019 I decided I needed to share this new love with others and completed my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course.  Since then, I have worked with individuals to help them achieve very different goals.  Although their reasons for coming to me may have varied, there was one unanimous objective: TO MOVE.  I believe in the power of movement.  It is a therapy not only for the body, but for the mind and soul. 


I look forward to seeing you in class, or working with you on an individual basis to help you develop the systems you need to turn your goals into a lifestyle you can maintain through the highs and lows; to keep you smiling, to keep you motivated, and to keep you moving.

My passion for self-growth and healing landed me in my Yoga Teacher Training 200 and my Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training courses from which I graduated with Joey Henderson of The Yoga Loft in Lindsay, ON.


I walked into my first prenatal yoga class in 2013 in an attempt to find peace, balance in my life and allow space for a stronger connection to the growing baby inside my belly. I was working in a high-stress job, recovering from a pregnancy loss, struggling with a fleeting sense of self physically and emotionally.


Within my prenatal yoga classes, I aim for my clients to leave each session with a sense of confidence, a stronger connection to the self, their baby, and the circle of women practicing alongside them. I’m so excited for this chapter and for the opportunity to continue to not only regain a sense of community, but continue to challenge myself and find balance in this roller coaster of life.





Tyler studied Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo and completed his chiropractic education at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. Tyler has a passion for fitness and physical activity, as he cannot sit still for longer than 30 minutes. In between his undergrad and chiropractic education he worked as a strength and conditioning coach guiding athletes and individuals from all walks of life to improve their physical fitness and strength through resistance and cardiovascular training programs. 

     Tyler’s approach to chiropractic is to help the people in his community stay active, however that looks for them; it could be hockey tournaments, walking the dog, or improving their golf handicap. His treatment plans help patients to continue their daily routine and activities they enjoy while effectively managing any aches, soreness, and/or pain that may arise. 

     When Tyler is not in the gym or in the clinic you can find him enjoying the outdoors, hiking, biking, paddle-boarding, or working on his handicap at the golf course, with his partner Emily and black lab Covy. When he does manage to sit still he enjoys reading and learning about historical fiction, hockey, and staying current on musculoskeletal research.








I am a mom of 3 beautiful children, a wife to a 3rd generation farmer, wine maker and business owner. I believe we have a medicine cabinet at our finger tips and it is up to us to learn how to use it.


Through my own health challenges, my passion grew for my family to live a healthier balanced lifestyle, and now it has grown into helping others.

I believe that you first have to want change in your life in order to change your old habits. I believe there is no miracle diet or one size fits all, it truly comes from learning what whole food nutrition is.


Daily movement is more than just hitting 10,000 steps a day, it too is important, however weight training and improving your cardiovascular will add so much to your life. I am a certified fitness & nutrition coach and I'm excited to work with you!


I love working with:

*People who feel “stuck” eating the same old things and want to gain knowledge on nutrition.

* People who have received their food intolerance report and want guidance with meal choices.

* People who want to gain confidence in the kitchen and learn how to make meals that are

balanced and full of nutrition.

* People looking  to add more protein to their meals for athletic performance and endurance.

* People wanting to improve their fitness & mobility through  functional movements.

I am very excited to be a part of the Motivationz team. I figure skated for years and during my teens I discovered my love for dance. I have enjoyed going to the gym, taking group fitness classes and running on and off my whole life. I discovered at a young age that physical exercise made me feel good. This has stayed with me into my adult life.


During the Pandemic I left my job working in LTC to be home with my 3 kids. I am a physiotherapy assistant/OT assistant, Yoga Instructor and recently certified in Zumba.


I have taught and been in love with yoga for 12 years now. I am learning and always growing as a fitness instructor. I am excited to be on this amazing team and hope to see you out to a class! 

My background in fitness comes from growing up doing competitive gymnastics.


As I got married and started a family we kept active with hiking and canoe trips. As time allowed, I was able to join a gym and pursue my own goals.


I added education to my workouts and was certified to teach the classes I love doing so much!


Over the past 12 years, I have added more training and credentials, beginning with a cardio kickboxing certification, pilates, personal training, followed by small group fitness. Included in group fitness training I've done pound fit, aerobics, kickboxing and aquafit.


I look forward to leading members through their workouts and having fun with fitness while working on their goals.

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