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What is Nutrition Coaching?

Nutrition coaching is a gentle approach to helping you achieve knowledge in the kitchen, help you understand the importance of balancing blood sugars, and gain confidence that you are making healthy food choices both at home and when dining out. Eating doesn’t have to be complicated or scary! If you have picky eaters at home, don’t worry, I too have 3 of them and they don’t know that they eat so much fruits and veggies. Be the master of disguise! Let me work with what you currently eat and show you how to make balanced, whole food meals with love. Having a healthy relationship with food is achievable and easy to maintain when you have the right tools in your tool belt.   

What is Whole Food Nutrition?  

Think of food that your great grandparents would have eaten, food in its most natural state - unaltered, fresh from the ground or vine, and picked at peek ripeness. This is whole food nutrition! When we buy processed foods, such as: frozen french fries, chicken nuggets, gold fish crackers, etcetera, we are buying items that have been heavily processed.  Preservatives have been added, a lot of extra salt, vegetable oils, saturated & trans fats, all which reck havoc on the body, causing highly inflammatory response, disease, diabetes and obesity.  


What can I expect?  

 You can expect to gain a better understanding of what to eat and how it affects your body and performance at the gym. Whatever your goal is, weight loss, making whole food meals, or learning how to disguise veggies in that dinner for your picky eaters,  I am here to help you along the way! 



Book an Appointment with Toddia

I am a mom of 3 beautiful children, a wife to a 3rd generation farmer, wine maker and business owner. I believe we have a medicine cabinet at our finger tips and it is up to us to learn how to use it. 

Through my own health challenges, my passion grew for my family to live a healthier balanced lifestyle, and now it has grown into helping others. 

I believe that you first have to want change in your life in order to change your old habits. I believe there is no miracle diet or one size fits all, it truly comes from learning what whole food nutrition is. Daily movement is more than just hitting 10,000 steps a day, it too is important, however weight training and improving your cardiovascular will add so much to your life. I love helping women navigate their journey through perimenopause/menopause. Some women experience hot flashes, unwanted weight gain, headaches, unwanted hair growth, low energy and low libido.  I am a certified fitness, nutrition and Menopause coach and excited to work with you!

I love working with:

  • People who feel “stuck” eating the same old things and want to gain knowledge on what whole food nutrition looks like.

  • People who have just received their food intolerance report and feel overwhelmed with what they can and cannot eat.

  • People who want to gain confidence in the kitchen and learn how to make meals that are balanced and full of nutrition for themselves & their family.

  • How to add more protein to their meals for athletic performance and endurance.

  • Women entering perimenopause or in menopause and experiencing, but not limited to: depression, anxiety, low energy, trouble sleeping, etcetera.

Let’s chat and see how I can help you.

Toddia Ververs


"Toddia has helped me tremendously in the kitchen. When it came to knowing what the right foods were, I struggled. She helped me to understand the importance of being prepared so I did't grab the first thing I would see, which was normally process food that is terrible for us. She said, 'plan to be successful'. Prepping and planning my healthy food choices to be readily available is what made a difference for me. She gave me guidance with food choices, shopping lists, ideas for meals which I could prep in advance for those busy work days. It's made a huge difference for me being able to plan and have healthy food on hand. Sometimes just knowing what foods to buy and prepare make the difference and Toddia has provided that for me and my family". 




Toddia offers nutrition coaching for individual sessions, packages, and group workshops.  

Book a consultation with her to start your individualized nutrition plan, today.




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