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Motivationz Accountability

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to our Motivationz Accountability group!!

No matter what your service is, this is a space for ALL members to check-in weekly and motivate each other to stay consistent, no matter what your personal goal may be.

I wanted to create a space where all members can connect with each other, receive any announcements, challenges or check-ins I post, as well as have a space for you to ask questions or share tips and tricks that work for you during your fitness challenge (short term or long term).

This group will be focusing on a 7 week Consistency Challenge, but then will remain open for our ongoing group to communicate with each other.

This challenge is FREE to all members. It is to help everyone find their motivation and regain momentum with consistency for being healthy and strong.

I will share posts, tips, fun challenges and check-ins weekly (1-2x max), so at least once a week you want to checkin to remain engaged for a prize at the end of the 7 week winter challenge.

Steps to this challenge:

  1. A performance and/or measurement assessment to be booked within the first week. If you can't make any of the times work, this can easily be done on your own from home.

  2. Receive your nutrition outline from Amy within the first week. I will keep copies in the back office and you can ask the trainer on-site. Note: This is just an outline, but if you want more attention to your personal nutrition, let's chat and we can book some one on one consultations.

  3. You're in the accountability group, check!

  4. Keep your movement consistent! Decide your goal, focus on booking ahead and STAY accountable to it, knowing I will be asking you to check-in weekly. Stick to it!

  5. End of the 7 week assessment to remeasure and retest any performance goals.

This is meant to be a positive, engaging space, so feel welcome to chat within, motivate and encourage each other, ask questions, and support each other within this community platform.

Let's keep it consistent in 2023! 👏

Amy ❤️


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  • January 6, 2023


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